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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start? What's the process?

Step 1. You're already on your way. Simply fill out our online Inquiry Form to tell us more about your event.

Step 2. After we contact you to discuss the intimate details, we’ll draft a proposal based on your budget and make sure your vision and our creativity are aligned.

Step 3. Once approved, to book our services, we’ll require a signed contract and a deposit to lock down your date.

Step 4. Upon request, we’ll prepare complimentary tastings to make sure we get your preferences just right. We’ll also contact your venue manager directly, many of which we have long-standing relationships with, to handle all pre-event needs and to coordinate all day-of setup details.

Step 5. Following your event, your final balance will be billed.

What are your specialties?

Our style, though rooted in Mediterranean gourmet, is to be a little adventurous with our food. That's why an evening with us could easily have your guests suddenly mixing & mingling with French, Greek, Italian, Lebanese, Spanish, Indian and California cuisines. The norm for us is the unexpected and wonderful. We mix food flavors, we reach for the seasonal, we embrace the colorful, and we strive for the healthy. We hope our menu samplings give you a peek at what's possible. With hundreds of menu listings in our database, we are limited only by your imagination. Start by telling us a little about your food preferences and dietary restrictions by submitting our Inquiry Form, and we'll gladly help create your visionary menu.

Do you prepare your food on-site? And how is your food prepared?

One of the reasons our business has continued to grow since 1996 is due to the fact that we are committed to providing gourmet, wholesome foods purchased from local vendors and prepared from scratch. We prep our cuisine at our 2,000 square foot, professional kitchen in San Francisco. Whenever possible, we also cook and assemble some of our cuisine at the event site to ensure that it is served at its prime. We subscribe to a regional and seasonal philosophy and believe in simple handcrafted food.  No mixes, no tubs of industry food, no cans, no frozen pre-made product.  We listen carefully to your food preferences and dietary restrictions, and proceed accordingly.

How large/small does my event have to be?

Every caterer has its specialty and events in which they excel. Although we do not have a minimum or maximum guest count, most of our functions fall between 40 and 400 guests. Having said that, we have catered events for very large functions and also created intimate dinners for smaller groups in the past.   If we determine that we are not the appropriate caterer for your event, we will happily refer you to a more suitable professional.

What is your availability?

We accept short-notice jobs depending on availability, but often we book events 6 months or more in advance. Of course the further in advance you book your event, the better we can assist you with your needs. We can produce multiple events on the same day; however, on busy weekends or if we have an especially large event, we may be unavailable.

Is your staff trained, hired and scheduled by your firm?

Our staffs are hired and thoroughly trained by us, and as a result, are very familiar with our service styles, food and company beliefs. We believe seamless service from a well-informed and polished staff is imperative to a successful event. We continue to personally interview, select, and train each member of the Sapore Event Team, many of which have been with us for over 10 years.

+Tip: Many firms use staffing agencies for events. Your event could receive whoever happens to be sent to that party: the good, the bad, the inexperienced or the indifferent.

Do you have a brochure and a price list?

Like our Sample Menus, all of our menus are custom designed for a specific event and a particular client. After a preliminary conversation with us, we will prepare a proposal with several options and budget ranges. Often with our personal touch, we are able to create a more exciting and personalized menu than one simply picked out of a list. When we price a menu, it's a process that involves more than "3 dozen stuffed mushrooms"; a variety of factors affect the price, such as amount of menu choices, number of guests, length of the event, amount of servers and venue. Our goal is to provide you with the fairest price based on your specific needs.

+Tip: In the catering industry there are a variety of ways to present a bid to a client. While no one intentionally tries to mislead a client, it is important to verify that when comparing bids from two or more companies that you are comparing apples to apples by requesting the same information from all.

What is your contract and payment policy?

We believe in transparency, breaking down all of our costs between food, beverage, staff and rental costs in our proposals and contracts. Delivery, set-up, service and clean-up are always included in our pricing. Although the industry standard for gratuity is upwards of 18% to 20%, it is our policy to only add a 15% gratuity to our proposals. 

Upon approval of our proposal, to secure our services, we’ll require a signed contract and a 50% initial deposit to lock in your date. We accept personal and business checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal. Your final balance will be billed at or following your event.

+Tip: With Sapore Catering, or with any other caterer, make sure to review your contract for any hidden fees, and be sure to understand all policies for cancellations, timelines for full and partial refunds, scheduling, etc.